Finally the last blog…..

I have been working frantically to finish up these last few blogs. By few i don’t mean 2 or three i mean 9. After doing blogs for soil and water science last semester i feel like i was a little burned out the blog but it is nice to know that after this one i will never see this web site ever again.

This semester has been pretty interesting. I wish that we had more time to learn about geology. It seams like this class was a little short and cut down to size to fit in all the material. I still feel like i learned a lot of information though. The most interesting thing i learned this whole semester had to be how to classify rocks and minerals by just looking at them. I am always traveling to different places and taking a look at the different rocks geological formations that surround me. It is nice to know that i can relate things that i learned in class to the real world.

Another thing i liked about this class was the field trip. It seems like geology class is the only class where you get to go on awesome field trips. To me the best one was the South Mountain field trip. I have always been in awe of waterfalls and their power and majesty. Also i believe that we picked a perfect time to go, right after it rained. From what i have read, we were blessed to be able to see the waterfall at the peak time. the Crowders Mountain field trip was also alot of fun. The view from the top was really nice even though it was not to far out of town. This is a place that i can visit quite often and still have some fun.

If i could change anything about this semester it would be that we had more lab time. The labs seemed to be almost non existent, but other then that i really enjoyed this class and would recommend taking a geology class to almost everyone.

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3 Responses to Finally the last blog…..

  1. bw44c says:

    I agree thank God this is the last post of the semester. Fortunatley though I did not have to write nine all at once. It is also cool that we can relate all of this information to real world experiences.

  2. alexmckinzie says:

    Ouch Drew, a bit harsh. I have to agree with both of y’all that it is a bit of a relief to have sunday nights free from blogs for the rest of college. 9 Blogs wow, this is why we don’t procrastinate. tisk tisk

  3. samparton says:

    Oh Drew. I agree that more lab time would have been nice but I think Dr. Pillar made up for it with a great field trip so in the end I think we all won…

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