2012 The Movie

Just recently i watched 2012 the movie. While watching it i could not belive what kind of things they said to get us to think that this would really happen. Could there really be liquefaction of the crust causing the earth to implode on itself? No but there can be liquefaction of the soil, which I guess is the same as the crust… Seismic activity can cause certain materials to have proterties of liquid. Sand for instace can not be compacted very well and seismic waves mover very fast through this type of material causing extreme movement of the surface material. This is why if the area you live in is seimically acitve that you should not build with sand.

Another thing i noticed while watching this movie was the fact that john kusac could outrun the seismic activity in his limo. I found this to be pretty far fetched. I mean these waves move faster than meters per second. I think that a bugati might be able to outrun these waves on a straight path, but not through the city of LA. It still made for a pretty cool chase scene though. I also enjoyed watching the crust becomming liquified and watching the people fall off into the abiss. I mean i could not belive that they showed the crust falliung apart and turning into a giant magmatic fault.  Another cool thing about this movie was you got to see california fall off into the ocean. Scientists say this will happen eventually due to the fault zones breaking apart out west. I got to see this in action without having to wait millions of years for it to happen .

Another interesting thing about this movie was the constant shifting of the poles. The poles kept shifting due to the liquefaction of the core. Once liquefied there was an ever changing magnetism. Towards the end of the movie they said that the south pole was in Wisconsin. I dont know if this is posible put it sounds pretty crazy. I know that the poles shit every couple hundred thousand years, but i do not belive that they could shift this much. I also thought that the giant tsunamis caused by the underwater eathquakes were pretty cool. I could not believe however that they had an underwater earthquake with a magnitude of 8.5 could cause a tsunami that was over 1000 ft high, rediculous!

Lastly I would have to say that the Chinese are awesome. I could not believe that they had the Chinese build all the “arcs” in the mountains. only the chinese would come up with something like this.  Besides the false use of geolgy in this movie i still thought it was a descent disaster movie, but it should not be taken seriously.

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3 Responses to 2012 The Movie

  1. austinmichalke1 says:

    Haha, I agree. I saw the movie too and couldn’t help but to think that everything in that movie was completely not realistic. Like how they could outrun a pyroclastic flow moving at several hundred miles per hour in a Winnebago. Liked how you tied in with something real.

  2. emilyhartman says:

    I’m glad I have no desire to see this movie, because I’m pretty sure you just gave everything away! The south pole being in Wisconsin sounds pretty ridiculous, but I guess it’s not completely impossible…

  3. samparton says:

    Once again ridiculous hollywood ideas about science. A 1000 ft tsunami? As long as it doesn’t hit us I’m fine. And I agree with emily you just ruined the movie for me!

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