Washing away

This article was interesting to read and seeing how erosion can affect certain communities due to the change in weather. Small sea side towns have been washed away and ruined due to the erosion and rising sea levels. It has affected many economies and small towns, they discussed how people lived in a Louisiana town of about a 1000 people in a now is has been reduced to 50 to 60 people living there part time.

Many small towns have been wiped out or severally damaged due to this incident of rising sea levels and hurricanes hitting the coast. This is no only happening down in Louisiana but all over the world which is causing a big problem. I read and article about something familiar to this topic that was happening on Long Island and there are a lot of expensive homes up there if you don’t know there area. So to read both these article and see the relative problem they share is hard but they have been doing research to help prevent this from occurring but its hard to stop sea levels from rising and erosion along the coast and so on. Hurricanes only make this problem worse to because that affects everything.

They also are looking at if this area is event worth continuign to have a community on it. They brought in anaylist to look and the cost benefit and make a judgment from there because this may cost them more money in the long run having people live on this unsafe land. This is a reoccurring event with this area to they talk about a storm that came in in 1816 and how much damage it did to the land and the affects on the people and the community. Lots of people were sick and lost everything or people were event killed in it. If this were to reoccur it would be a huge problem especially with the affect of hurricane Catherina and how that has affect the united states as a whole. If a hurricane hit again on Louisiana it would just be scary reminder of New Orleans.

I thought it was interesting to see the affects of weather and erosion and what problems it can cause for a community but to also do a cost benefit analysis and see if its event worth having people living there and the risk they put themselves at. I hope they can come up with some productive and proactive ways to solve or at least prevent the erosion and save this land.

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