Submarine Volcano’s

Underwater volcano’s also known as submarine Volcano’s are fissures sticking out of the earth’s surface. The volcano’s produce about seventy five percent of the earth’s magma. As of now there are 5,000 underwater volcano’s some larger than any on the surface and others smaller than a car. Most are located in the depths near ocean plates, but some do exist in the shallow waters. Often eruptions from these underwater volcano’s are hard to detect. The good thing is that although they are sometimes hard to detect, they usually are much less dangerous. The water cools the magma turning it into a volcanic glass. The magma can turn into a supercritical fluid if it is deep enough as well. Scientists do not know a lot about these volcano’s, through advances in technology still leave hope. Advancements are mainly needed because of the destruction these volcano’s can cause when they erupt. Tsunami’s are a major concern, especially because often we do not even known when they erupt causing large waves.

One of the most popular underwater volcano’s is Molokini in Hawaii. It is a crater about point four miles in diameter. Molokini is one of the top diving spots in the world for tourists. Do to it’s eruptions throughout time it has created many small islands around it. A interesting fact is during World War Two U.S battleships would use the crater as target practice because its shape was much like an enemy battleship.

Surety is a island off the coast of Iceland. The island was formed due to an underwater volcano eruption in 1963. The eruption occurred 130 meters below the water’s surface. The eruption lasted almost 4 years long. Now because of wind and erosion the island is diminishing. The vents underwater that created the island belong to Westmann Isles underwater volcanic system.

Another thing I learned while reading about these volcano’s is that they are a concern when it comes to global warming. The methane from the eruptions cause the temperature of the water to rise. Also warmer water temperatures is where typhoons and cyclones start. Higher water temperature also leads to increased coastal flooding.





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3 Responses to Submarine Volcano’s

  1. thefinch26 says:

    That is so interesting to read about and learn more about. We have discussed these in class briefly but it was cool to read outside information about this topic.

  2. jessicatibbs says:

    I remember hearing about Molokini but I didn’t know it was underwater. Learn something new everyday. Learned a lot of interesting facts like 75% of magma comes from underwater volcanoes and how an eruption can last 4 years!! That is amazing.

  3. alexmckinzie says:

    Wow, this is an interesting topic. Most people don’t even think of volcanoes to be underwater, so it fun to learn more about what people don’t know much about. I never would have thought that 75% of the magma comes from them either! I guess it isn’t very apparent to us because the magma itself cools so quickly we don’t see this process happening.

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