Water On the Moon!

I just recently read an article that tells about the recent trip to the moon.  It says that the astraunants on the mission actually found water on the moon.  And not just a little, but gallons. 

from cnn.com:

(CNN) — NASA said Friday it had discovered water on the moon, opening “a new chapter” that could allow for the development of a lunar space station.

The discovery was announced by project scientist Anthony Colaprete at a midday news conference.

“I’m here today to tell you that indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn’t find just a little bit; we found a significant amount” — about a dozen, two-gallon bucketfuls, he said, holding up several white plastic containers.

The find is based on preliminary data collected when the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, intentionally crashed October 9 into the permanently shadowed region of Cabeus crater near the moon’s south pole.

After the satellite struck, a rocket flew through the debris cloud, measuring the amount of water and providing a host of other data, Colaprete said.

The project team concentrated on data from the satellite’s spectrometers, which provide the best information about the presence of water, Colaprete said. A spectrometer helps identify the composition of materials by examining light they emit or absorb.

I think this is absolutely revolutionary.  This discovery is one of the more interesting scientific events that I think I’ve ever heard of.  This leads me to wonder if they have thought about finding a way to determine if there is any water on any of the other foreign planets.  The fact that they are talking about the possibility of a lunar space station that is based on the presence of moon water is extremely interesting.  This also leads me to wonder if that water is safe to drink or if it contains some foreign space poisons or diseases.

Also from the article:

Michael Wargo, chief lunar scientist at NASA headquarters in Washington, said the latest discovery also could unlock the mysteries of the solar system.

He listed several options as sources for the water, including solar winds, comets, giant molecular clouds or even the moon itself through some kind of internal activity. The Earth also may have a role, Wargo said.

“If the water that was formed or deposited is billions of years old, these polar cold traps could hold a key to the history and evolution of the solar system, much as an ice core sample taken on Earth reveals ancient data,” NASA said in its statement.

“In addition, water and other compounds represent potential resources that could sustain future lunar exploration.”

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4 Responses to Water On the Moon!

  1. bw44c says:

    The discovery of water on the moon truly is a remarkable find. It opens up so many questions as to what other possibilities lay out there on earth and on foreign planets. I wonder though was the water found in one area or was it collected at different spots? Also is that all the water on the moon or only the water we know of now?

  2. wwhite2221 says:

    If I’m not mistaken, a lunar space station could use this water along with solar energy to produce the oxygen that would be needed to live on the moon. I don’t think this is very far fetch, but there is the fact that the water would be used up eventually. Interesting topic.

  3. alexmckinzie says:

    This is a big step towards the future and proving if the moon is inhabitable or not. A lot of research is being done to prove that the moon has the ability to support life. This is interesting to find out this information, and will give reason for future development and technology.

  4. amalderm says:

    This is a huge find. Water on the moon would mean that we could sustain life on another planet. This also means that there might be another form of life out there other than the humans on earth.

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