Field Trip

This week was field trip week.  There was two options for field trips, one this saturday and another next sunday, and I chose to go to the one this saturday.  We went to Crowders Mountain, which is located in Kings Mountain, NC.  During the drive and when we first got to the mountain itself, I had to admit I didn’t see a mountain anywhere around me.  Fact was, the mountain appears to be more like a bigger than normal hill, until you get to the top.  We began our hike at the welcome center and could either go to Kings pinnacle or the one we went to, crowders mountain.  The first 15-20 minutes of the hike was through a mostly flat trail that was mostly covered in leaves.  As you looked around you saw that we were right in the middle of thousands of trees whose leaves had just recently fallen off in the last month or two.  The landscape was almost completely covered in leaves and fallen trees and branches.  Even the trail that we were walking on seemed more like we were just simply walking through an unblazed trail.  When we finally crossed the road onto the mountain side of the hike, we saw more of the same, mostly flat but somewhat rolling hills, that was completely covered in leaves.  We saw some remanents of marble, quartz, and quartzite that were scattered into the trail and caught our eyes as we walked by.  There were some instances where the hills got pretty steep and tiring, and we also saw massive boulders that showed how erosion over time has eaten away at the mountain.  We then took a quick snack and rest break and then took off towards the top of the mountain.  We had to walk up a hundred or so stairs because the mountain became too steep to climb.  This portion of the hike was the most tiring, but definately worth it.  When we got to the top we saw everything for miles.  The landscape was beautiful and we got to see miles and miles of woods, other smaller mountains, and the charlotte skyline.  The skyline was probably my favorite part of the trip because it was such a neat sight to see.  I even managed to get a pretty good picture on my phone where if I zoomed in, I could see the sky line fairly well.  After absorbing the sights for 15-20 minutes, we began our descend to the welcome center.  This hike down became quite difficult after a while as the decline suddenly became another incline to a different peak.  We got to see some pretty cool rock formations and erosion features beside the path.  There was one segment where we had to climb and “rock hop” over some broken rock that was elevated slightly.  This made the hike difficult because it only allowed for one person at a time and each of us had to use the tree for help.  After this, the walk back was on the same trail as the walk in so nothing really changed from there.  Overall, I enjoyed myself on this hike and would  definately do it again on my own.

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One Response to Field Trip

  1. wwhite2221 says:

    It was a perfect day for the field trip up Crowders. Actually seeing the mica schist rock in it’s stages of eroding helped give me a sense of how the land eroded away around the mountain.

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