Blocking Interstate 40 at Pigeon Gorge in North Carolina

For my research paper I am focusing on the topic of landslides so I have been doing plenty of research trying to gather ideas and information and I stumbled along this article. I heard about this also from my girlfriends parents because they visited for the week and went to head home but got stuck in this rock slide. I thought this was a good example to read about and get some information on due to the fact it took place in North Carolina but also to the fact that it recently occurred.  This incident happened along interstate 40 in Pigeon Gorge the rocks shifted and caused them to fall blocking off the road.

Lucky no one hurt in the freak accident, due to the fact it took place at 2 am on Sunday morning. But they are trying to come up with proactive ways of removing the rock and fast because they fear tourism will or could possibly be affected if they don’t act soon.  They believe that this accident occurred because of rainfall freezing within the rocks and melting then freezing again caused a shift in the rocks eventually turning into this hazardous event. In the research I have done recently I have discovered some possible solutions to help prevent this from occurring. is a diagram of what they believe to be a good solution to the problem. I believe if they were to install this system in these rock faces it could have caused the prevention of this accident. But since it wasn’t done at the time the accident occurred and now they have to remove the huge rock fragments and they have consider many different possibilities but they one they believe they are going to go with is drilling out holes and filling it with dynamite to blow it up and make smaller rock pieces. The other possible alternatives they were going to go with was air lifting it out of there with helicopters or a crane.  This may take weeks to resolve this problem and clean everything up to its usable status again.

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2 Responses to Blocking Interstate 40 at Pigeon Gorge in North Carolina

  1. amelianavarro says:

    Although we briefly discussed this issue in class, I never gave much thought to what caused it. I would have never guessed that it could be due to trapped ice! Hopefully they’ll get this cleaned up and well-prepared before anything worse can happen.

  2. wwhite2221 says:

    This is not the first rock slide on I-40 that has prevented me from getting to some of the rivers of East Tennessee. Around 2002 there was a major one. There was also a recent rock slide in the Ocoeee gorge in East Tennessee. The authorities think an earthquake (3.0). was the cause of it. The slide was actually caught of tape, and it can be seen on Youtube.

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