The Seisa Valley Caldera is being called the Rosetta Stone of supervolcano’s. The reason for the supervolcano’s nickname is it has life changing information and data within it. This supervolcano was made from a massive and extemely violent eruption through the earth’s surface. The term supervolcano was just introduced within the decade by British scientists. There is only thought two have been about two dozen supervilcano eruptions in the last one million years.The eruptions from the supervolcano’s like Seisa Valley do not just affect the local surroundings and people, they can effeect people around the world enviornmentaly.

The Seisa Valley Caldera is located in the Italian Alps. With a discovery of this magnitude it will help scientists gather information and understand these world monsters much better much like Yellowstone. Yellowstone is the worlds second largest supervolcano, it last erupted 630,000 years ago.One amazing thing already learned from the Seisa Valley Caldera was that it has extremly deep plumbing. The supervolcano revealed that magma traveled about twenty five kilometers from the earth’s core.

The eruptions of these supervolcanos are usually caused by gas being released by the magma and forcing its way through the surface. These eruptions do not occur often they usually happen every few hundred thousands of years. The Seisa Valley Caldera has not erupted since the “permian” geological time.

There are many questions that scientist need to be awnsered in order to understand supervolcano’s. “We want to understand the fundamental processes that influence eruptions: Where are magmas stored prior to these giant eruptions? From what depth do the eruptions emanate?” Is there anyway to predict when supervolcano’s will erupt.

The discovery and study of the Seisa Valley Caldera is the closest chance for a discovery of many solutions to unawnsered questions scientists have of supervolcano’s. One way to predict a eruption all though not sound proof is to watch for seismic and hydrothermal activity. Also swelling of the surfaces aurrounding the volcano often tells us that fluid activity is happening below. The sooner we can recognize these signs of large eruptions the sooner we can relay alerts to people.

Scientists have not been able to examine farther than five kilometers below the surface. To truly understand supervolcano’e we neeed to explore to the roots otherwise our knowledge will be limited and that can be dangerous.

The largest supervolcano eruption was thought to have happened 74,000 years ago at Lake Toba in Indonesia. The eruption is thought to have killed sixty percent of all humans. We can prevent eruptions much like these if we continue to learn about rosetta Stone.

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2 Responses to Supervolcano

  1. mattgwilt says:

    I think its pretty cool that geologists can determine that yellowstone erupted that long ago. Its hard to imagine the impact it would have on our society if it ever errupted again.

  2. wwhite2221 says:

    I wonder if scientists were able to determine if a volcano of this size was about the erupt, what would or could we do about it/ Would we evacuate 100’s of millions of people?Would the USA be willing to take millions of immigrants that would need a new permanant home? Or would we tell them to stay and let our scientists try and figure out a cure?

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