The First 4 Most Dangerous Places To Live

1. The “Cold Pole” in Verkhoyansk, Russia is one of the most dangerous places to live in the world. It is a taiga which means it is “a subarctic, evergreen coniferous forest of the northern Eurasia located just south of the tundra and dominated by firs and spruces,” according to the American Heritage Dictionary. The “Cold Pole” is located 3,000 miles east of Moscow and in the heart of Siberia. It holds the title of being the oldest city above the Arctic Circle. Although this place hold unique features, like being frozen solid for 9 months out of the year, people still decide to live here. The city averages fewer than 5 hours od sunlight between September and March!!!

2.The “Mountain of Fire” located on Java Island is the place to live if you love active volcanoes! Mount Merapi in Indonesia is a constantly active volcano. It’s name, Mount Merapi, translates into Fire mountain. It sends threatening smoke up 10,000 feet into the air. In the past 500 years it has erupted 60 times! It’s most recent eruption was in 2006. The time before that was in 1994. This eruption was very unfortunate for people who lived there because it was the cause of death for 60 people. The “Mountain of Fire” produces a cloud of hot gas that burned them alive! Even with the knowledge of this volcanos history, 200,000 people still call this place home. They all live within 4 miles of the volcano.

3. Haiti! Yes, Haiti is the third most dangerous place to live. Not because it’s one of the poorest countries in the world, but because the storms there are so frequent. On August 16, the first tropical storm hit, Fay. Only a week later, Hurricane Gustav came and caused further damage to this already underdeveloped country. Then Hurricane Hanna swept through, just a little while later came Hurricane Ike. And all of this took place within a month! One of Haiti’s largest cities, Ganai’ves, was hit by all four storms and found itself buried! Not just from all the buildings and things that were destroyed but from mud and water. Mud filled the land and some areas were flooded in about twelve feet of water! Not only was this bad for the people and their stuff but for the land. Floods ruins crops and livestock. So this had a big effect on their food supply. I read a different article last year about how some mothers had to feed their children mud pies so that they could survive. A mud pie was an actual pile of mud that was eaten raw in most cases. These storms put Haiti in an even worse situation than what it already was in, which was poor in the first place. The death toll from the storm was about 500 but no one knows the amount of deaths caused by the after effects because Haiti is till suffering!

4. The African Lake of Death is the nickname of Lake Kivu which on the border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. It spread across an area of 2700 square miles. What makes this lake significant is that there are 2. 3 trillion cubic feet of methane gas that sits under the lake. To make matter worse, there are also  60 cubic miles of carbon dioxide trapped beneath the pressure of the water and earth above it. If this gas is released then it could leak out a cloud powerful enough to kill all 2 million of the people who live in the Lake Kivu basin!!!

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5 Responses to The First 4 Most Dangerous Places To Live

  1. alexmckinzie says:

    Wow this was a good idea. It definitely surprises me that the taiga forest is the most dangerous place to live. You would think that since it is so cold many people would initially make the decision NOT to live there. It amazes me to think that these places are known as being dangerous, yet many people still call it home.

  2. fieldsfilm says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post. I can’t believe people do call it home like alex had said. It’s just one of things that truly is hard to believe, but I guess it all comes down to the fact that this Earth. It’s ever changing. North Carolina could have been a very scary place to be when the coast got pushed together by Africa.

  3. austinmichalke1 says:

    Wow Jessica! I thought this was really interesting. I would have never thought that Haiti of all places would be so dangerous. I liked your approach that you took with this blog. Very interesting.

  4. bw44c says:

    I agree with everyone else this was a great idea for a blog. Two of the places you chose I had never even heard of. I thought the African Lake of Death was the most interesting place because the people living next to it probably do not even realize how dangerous this lake can be. Good job.

  5. emilyhartman says:

    It was a relief to find out that I have no desire to live in any of these places. I feel like the Lake of Death is appropriately named, and its pretty scary to think that 2 million people could die from it.

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