Emerging news of landslides triggered by the Sumatra earthquake

The earthquakes in Sumatra have caused dramatic affects all over, for instance this landslide discussed in the article. They say that due to the fact of the rough terrain and when landslides occur it whips out communication to any one to event report the disaster. They said that in some cases event the government won’t event know about the landslide occurring. This information and pictures were taken after the fact and the reporters couldn’t get to the location until it was targeted as a safe environment. Once they got to the scene of the disaster they couldn’t event really get a story besides those who survived the landslide. But from what they have gathered they believed that about 650 were killed in the disaster however after talking to those who went through the disaster they believe it is at a count of 400 people killed in the event.

As shown in the pictures provided there was much destroyed in the landslide which causes a great deal of problems because it takes out road ways and destroys houses and other infrastructures.  Such things like natural disasters like this do not only cause destruction to the communities directly affected by it but it also causes problems for the economy and how will they find funding’s to reconstruct everything to regain stability in the economy and their lives. For instance Hurricane Katrina that cause massive amounts of destruction to New Orleans, to this day they still suffer to recover from this event and people have lost everything due to the hurricanes or landslides.

This landslide and earthquake have seemed to have caused other landslides in other villages near by but those weren’t as sever because there were only 10 fatalities reported. This is still very unfortunate but it is better than the 400 plus people killed in the other landslide caused by this earthquake.

I thought this article was very interesting to read this article and find out that a landslide could occur and the government wouldn’t event know about it. Also this article will provide me with information and an example for my research paper because I’m doing mine on landslides so this was something I can use for supporting evidence.

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