Northeast Climate Change Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Vermont, West Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, New Hampshire, Maine, Connecticut, Massachusettes and Rhode Island.

Being from the North East myself this article drew my attention right away. I have realized growing up in Connecticut that the winters have been changing each year they are not as cold as they used to be and we don’t get as much snow as we used to when I was little. The article goes on to talk about how the climate change  has been affecting the North east as a whole,  due to these current and long lasting changes. The North East has always taken part in ice fishing skiing and playing in the snow but in the recent years the skiing industry has gone down hill due to the recent climate changes occurring in the North East that started to occur back in 1970.   The climate change is causing a lot of problems because of the increase in temperature the growing season last longer also there is more hot weather in the North East. Because of the temperature increase there has been a decrease in the average snow fall per year and more winter rain occurring which rises a problem. Once there is rain and then the temperature falls again the roads become ice making it hard to travel.

The temperature also causes the spring melting to come earlier, which then in hand causes rising sea level temperature and also rising sea levels, which then brings us on to our next problem. There is a lot of water face property in the North East weather it is on the ocean or a lake. Because of the rising sea level this put a lot of stress and problems on places like New York who has 2.3 trillion dollars worth of property at risk due to the rising sea levels and increase in erosion and storm likely hood to occur. This is causing a lot of problems for the state but also a lot of wet lands are being decreased due to the fact of rising sea levels. Here is a picture that illustrates the problem going on in New York.

Luxary home in danger

The article goes on to then talk about how these problems will only get worse for the North East, they said that the quality of air will get worse and also the areas that only experience a few days a summer over a 100 degrees that number will increase for the each year. They then went on use specific examples of cities like Philadelphia and Hartford will increase from about 20 days of over 100 degrees to about 30 days a summer to over 100 degrees. This is becoming a very big problem for the North East and they have not discussed any possible alternatives or solutions to slow the increasing problem. So I guess in a few years when I go home it wont be very much different then the weather here in North Carolina. I just thought this article was interesting because I have noticed through out the years a difference every time I go home it’s not as cold as it used to be.

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