Anyone remember in the movie “The Rookie” with Dennis Quad when he couldn’t get his baseball field to grow grass? Because all the deer kept eating the seeds. But then the old men of the town that worked at the local barber shop used the hair that had been cut to use as fertilizer to keep the deer away.
Well scientists have found that using hair as a fertilizer has proven to help plants grow faster and healthier. A new study adds hair to a growing list of waste products that can boost crop growth. “We concluded that human hair can release a sufficient amount of nutrients to support crops,” said agricultural scientist Valtcho Zeliazkov of Mississippi State University in Verona. “This is a waste material with clear benefits for producers and the environment.”
The idea is not new. Hair-based fertilizer is already commercially available. A Florida-based company called SmartGrow sells hair-containing mats that gardeners place beneath or on top of their plants. Hair contains all the organic nutrients that plants need to grow. Hair could be a good fertilizer for slow-growing crops, such as basil and sage.
Scientists need to advertise using hair as a fertilizer because most commonly used fertilizers are full of nitrates. When too much fertilizer is used or it runs off into local waterways, it can cause the process of eutrophication to take place. This is when there is a sudden burst of algae growth. Eutrophication is a natural process that occurs in an aging lake or pond as that body of water gradually builds up its concentration of plant nutrients. Cultural or artificial eutrophication occurs when human activity introduces increased amounts of these nutrients, which speed up plant growth and eventually choke the lake of all of its animal life.
We should start a Queens garden and use hair as its main fertilizer.

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3 Responses to Hair!

  1. alexmckinzie says:

    Wow this is crazy I never would have thought that HAIR would be a good fertilizer, well for slow growing crops at least. You should definetly start somthing up here Amy, I think you are really on to something! haha That is really weird to also think about hair being a waste but now that you think about it, it does seem to be very useless, i wonder what happens to it in the landfill. Creative blog Amy…i like it!

  2. Oh wow, this is interesting. I guess it makes sense because of the nutrients in hair. I bet it would only work for a small backyard garden and not a large scale farm. Think of how much hair would be used for a commercial farm…. gross!!

  3. cdw526 says:

    Haha this is crazy! And I totally watched The Rookie today, btw. Yeah, it is kinda gross to think of how much hair would be needed to fertilize a commercial farm, but think of how gross the chemicals are that are regularly used on commercial farms instead. I think the use of hair is a fantastic idea if it will cut down on cost and chemical pollution. Just think of all the hair salons and barber shops exist in our nation, and how much of that hair isn’t donated and therefore disposed of daily. This could potentially change the world.

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