Sustainable Landscaping

There are many improvements you can make to your lawn to make it a sustainable landscape. One is to put more plants that can soak up the excess water that is left after torrential rain. Using plants as cover is an excellent way to reduce runoff and also make your backyard look for inviting.  Adding drought resistant plants can help as well. It seems like no matter how much it rains we are always in a rain deficit so it is nice to know that the plants that you spent time and money to plant can live in even harsh conditions.

Using a drip irrigation system to water your plants is also a great way to evenly distribute water throughout your yard. I recently set a system up at my house and I have to say that not only is it easier to water the plants, but is way more eco-friendly. These hoses water the plants directly with almost not water being wasted, and they are pretty cheap to. I also set up a gutter system that catches water from the car-port when it rains and delivers the water to rain barrels that I can use to water the garden and power the soaker hoses. With all this rain lately, it has been very beneficial.

Another way to make your yard more sustainable it to reduce the impervious surfaces. Patios and large driveways provide pathways for runoff that can pollute the local water supply, especially if you use fertilizers or any other chemicals on your lawn.

Lastly, the best way to make your yard a “sustainable landscape” it to plant a garden. Not enough can be said about this. Not only are you providing food, but it can help reduce runoff. Not only that, but when your first harvest comes in, you can reap the rewards.

I also read that when picking out materials for your landscaping there are many things you can do to make your yard a “sustainable landscape.” One major thing is to use recycled material. This is huge for me. If you can take something that is considered waste and transform into something useful you are cutting down on the stress of the local landfill. Also if you use materials that have not been transported far, that cuts down on your carbon footprint.

These are just a few of the practices you can follow to make your yard a “sustainable landscape.”

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