Soil in My Yard and the Stimulus Package

Over break, I spent a good chunk of time running in my front yard with my dogs. Unfortunately, there were huge potholes scattered around and I spent a good time tripping over them. Eventually, the person mowing the yard and doing all the landscaping noticed this, after falling into them himself with his mower, came and filled them in with soil. I noticed that while over the next couple of days, these mounds of reddish soil turned into giant pools of muck with some hay covered on the top.

While because of the hay this soil did not erode, the pools can be attributed the a soil property that was discussed in lab last week. With the preferential flow system, this area would have to be filled before percolating into other areas since it had more clay than the existing soil. Also, because of the fact that it was much less dense than the existing soil, it seemed to allow more pore space for water to occupy, making it a complete mucky mess.

And for a completely illogical segue, I did want to address the obvious of our economy and the environment. I must say that I’m personally rejoicing because not only do students get more financial aid, but environmental science projects are being heavily funded. According to the EPA, the new economic recovery package will include about 3 to 4 million jobs in sustainability. Over seven billion dollars has been set aside to form new environmental projects. The most is going towards water quality, and a large portion to leaking underground tank clean ups, hazardous chemical clean ups for former commercial sites, and about 300 million is going towards emissions reductions.

I think that the best news about this is that environmental issues are being recognized with this plan and incorporated into the effort to create jobs. From the estimate of the EPA, many jobs will be created. This may not be so bad for Environmental Science graduates after all!

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