How to Fix Bad Soil

I was searching the internet, as I normally do when looking for soil topics, and found an article on mending any soil for garden use. They explain the way to construct this soil by laying out the instructions almost like a recipe for cooking. So, I will try and explain, in summary or paraphrase, the process involved in mending the soil

First, you mark out your garden area in the fall with a rope system.  Lay our your beds and then weed-wack whatever lays within the vicinity of your plot of land.  Then lay a half inch layer of newspaper over your site.  Make sure you overlap the edges so that you prevent any weeds from coming up.  As you apply the newspaper make sure you wet it down throughly.  After the newspaper, lay a layer of peat (1-2 inches).  Cover the peat with a thick layer of organic material (grass clippings, food scraps, compost, seaweed, etc).

After the first layer this combinations, repeat it; interchangeably. Don’t stop until you have approximately 12-24 inches of imported materials.  The process ends after this.  In the upcoming growing season your bed will have shrunk by 6 inches.  Plant your seeds and you are good to go!  This is a good way to turn any soil into a rich planting bed.  Sure your are not changing the soil, but the soil profile grows larger as you apply more organic matter.  The soil is not much richer on the surface and an additional layer is added for useful purposes in sustaining life.

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One Response to How to Fix Bad Soil

  1. ccaammii says:

    This was cool! it sounds like a fun project I could tell my grandmother to do in the summer. I wonder how long time it takes though, maybe you should do it in the fall and then when it turns spring you’re good to go?

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