Bermuda Grass

Me being a golfer here in Charlotte has made me notice the difference in the conditions of the golf courses comparing to back home. Back home the grass dies during the winters during the snow. But over here we have grass growing on the golf courses all year and we can play non-stop. One big difference is the color of the grass. Here on the golf courses we have a grass-type callled Bermuda Grass, and in the winters the grass get yellow. I found i very strange and I’ve been wondering when the grass in going to turn green again. I just got back from a tournament down in Florida where the fairways were green.

My boyfriend told me today that he learned in a PGM (professional golf management) class how the bermuda grass gets green again when the average soil temperature turn at least 62 degrees farenheight. I thought this was something I should look up on the computer if it really was true, and that it could be the answer to my question to why the grass is not green here yet. I tried to find some answers on the internet to my question. I found that when average temperatures drop below 50°F growth stops and the grass begins to discolor.  “Soil temperatures above 65°F are required for significant growth of rhizomes, roots and stolons. Optimum soil temperature for root growth is around 80°F.”

This in basically what I found; that if the soil is too cold bermuda grass cannot grow in it, it dies. I just thought it was interesting to finally get an answer to why the grass is yellow, because I’ve never seen that before and Bemuda grass is adjusted to a warmer climate. We could never have bermuda grass back home in Sweden because our climate is not the same and we do not have the same soil type.

This map is showing the range of growing bermuda grass in the US.

Bermudagrass - Area of adaptation

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