Environmental Science Jobs

Since I decided to be a environmental science major I decided that it would be a good idea to write a blog about my possibly job in the future. I’m undecided about what concentration/minor so it’s nice to correlate the careers with the concentrations. I pick environmental science because it seems to me that it is the only thing that I don’t get bored of learning and will enjoying doing later in life. It something that can expand your horizons by not always doing the same thing over and over day by day. You actually may get to be outside instead of being behind a desk all day.

There are many different topics of interest with searing for a job that is narrowed down by environmental science. These include: Natural Resources and Conservation, Outdoor and Environmental Science, State Jobs, Law and Policy, and International Environmental, Advocacy, Renewable Energy, as well as others. This day in age, I feel as if the environmental science subject is becoming more and more popular and by the time I graduate there will be, hopefully, a demand for E.S. graduates. Right out of college I was to join the Peace Corps and go to South America and help the people there with the knowledge I have learned in college. So working with the government I will hopefully have an edge on getting a job. But overall I really hope I get a job that I enjoy and never get sick of, and working to be an environmental scientist I think that my dream will come true.

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One Response to Environmental Science Jobs

  1. ccaammii says:

    yeah it is so hard to know what you wanna do after college.. I guess just studying what you are interested in helps, and then you go from there. At least I have 3 more years here at QU to find out an idea of what I want to either continue study about or work with. That sounds so cool with South Africa btw!

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