Environmental science Major

I just read the last post about labs by Emily, and I must say that I really agree! I am also a environmental science major (I wonder if all of us in the class are?) and one big part of what make the major so fun is the labs. I wouldn’t wanna be a business major sitting in a classroom talking about stocks all day when you can be outside learning about our world, our nature and stuff really matters. I think most people choose to have a major in business because they think they can make a lot of money. When I choose environmental science as my major, I thought about the interest our culture has and are going to have in the future, and the environment is a factor that is becoming more and more popular in our society. Companies are going to want/need people working for them that can take care of the environmental issues (ME) and that’s why I’m going to take a minor in business. I think it is a good combination: environmental science and business. And if I feel that office-work is not for me (too boring maybe) than I can always make something out of my environmental science knowledge. 

Anyways, to be honest soil may not be the most fun subject to learn about, BUT I do believe that it would be good to have knowledge about soil to “put all the pieces together”, draw relationships and conclusions and things like that. The labs makes the class so much more fun too, and it makes me understand and remember what we learn so much better. I think that if we would write lab reports were we make connections and draw conclusions we are going to learn even better. At least I know that that is when I learn the most. Working with a lab report for a long time and figure out answers to questions like “how?” and “why?” by myself makes me feel awesome and I learn so much. When you have to find your answers yourself instead of being told “this is how it is” you have easier to remember, I think.

Right now I’m sitting in a room down in Hilton Head writing this so I can go to bed before I’m going out on the golf course early tomorrow morning, hoping the soil is going to be in a nice condition under the fairways and greens! The soil really makes a difference. Usually when the soil is too sandy or too hard/dry it is a lot more difficult to hit the ball solid. I’ve been wondering how the soil at golf courses are. The golf courses are most often really nice which make me wonder if the soil is feeling good, or vise versa because it has too much toxics in it. I think I’m gonna look that up and write about in my next post!

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3 Responses to Environmental science Major

  1. When I tell friends about the Enviro Sci program at Queens, I always say, “There’s three Environmental Science professors and seven environmental science majors- how about that ratio!” I believe most in our class are majors.
    One of the reasons I chose environmental science is because in the next 30+ years with all of this information surfacing on how much attention the environment needs, it’s pretty good odds for job security!

  2. lpg42010 says:

    Rynne, I couldn’t agree with you more on the job security. I look at majoring in environmental science as doing something I enjoy an love. All the while I can be making money doing something that is not only enjoyable but necessary to all life. In the coming years, our knowledge on the environment or anything related to the green movement, will become vital to society and all life. One thing is for sure, the new presidential administration is putting plenty of funding towards our cause in helping to save the environment. Pretty soon, we will see an entire field of opportunities available for anyone interested in the environment, science, or technology.

  3. alexmckinzie says:

    I liked this post Camilla it kinda relates to mine because I talked about environmental science jobs. And I have to agree with both of you all as well, that today our society needs more environmental scientists. I’m excited to learn things that are important for life and also interesting to lean instead of dull, boring useless information.

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