My favorite part about being an Environmental Science major is all the outdoor labs we get to do. So I must say I am quite looking forward to finding out the results to the labs we have already started, and the ones we are planning on doing in the future. Someone made a comment in class last week on how every time they walked past Dr. Perkins office they noticed the column that is being bombarded with light (though if I recall correctly they used a somewhat more elegant word). I, too, find myself looking through the office window to see how the column has changed since I last saw it. I am really interested in seeing the difference between the natural light, a lot of light, and no light soils. While I am still not a hundred percent sure what the overall point of the column’s are, I cannot wait until we get into the section that reviews them.

I am also interested in learning the quality of soil that Queens has. Being the cool kid that I am, when Dr. Pillar mentioned that we might be able to find the reason why the “Walker Wetlands” are so marshy, I was excited. Not only am I looking forward to the results, I enjoyed the actual process of collecting the samples more than I thought I would. I was a little worried about going to far into the ground…I would hate for our sampling to have been the cause of the water pipe breaking this weekend. When it comes to group labs, usually one person ends up doing the majority of the work, but I know in my group at least the work was evenly spread. I hate when I can’t be directly involved in the lab, so I was glad I got to do a bit of everything. After we find the results of our first soil samples I look forward to possibly sampling the soil under the Diana Fountain. It will be interesting to see how the different soil samples compare, even just to see the difference in the soils in front of Walker Science and those behind the building.

As I said before labs are my favorite part of being a science major, and even though I never saw myself taking Soil and Water I still look forward to the labs each week. Remember that one time when we saw the bendable rock, that was pretty awesome. Maybe one week I will actually remember that labs meet in a different room than our normal class…but until then I’ll have fun waiting for Dr. Pillar to come retrieve us.

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3 Responses to Labs

  1. ccaammii says:

    oh my god I totally agree! Labs are so much fun, I just love being outside actually DOING something instead of sitting inside a boring classroom. I get so happy 🙂
    I wanna go somewhere on a trip, that would be awesome. I really really want to find some bendable rock to keep in my room, and to try to put it into water to see if it shrinks and swells

  2. amalderm says:

    Lab is great. At UNCC we would just go into lab and work out of a lab manual that you bought from the bookstore. I like the more hands on approach here at Queens. This is the way environmental science should be tought, at least in my mind anyways. It just makes everythng more interesting and alot easier to understand.

  3. r;twklw says:

    I find the stories of the labs you experience quite entertaining.
    Especially the one’s that entail horses being pushed by Dr. Pillar.

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