This weekend my cousin came down to visit from Kansas City, Missouri. All throughout his visit he commented on the tall pine trees that grow in Fayetteville. Now, I do not know anything about the different plants that can grow in different soils, but I have made a few observations.

A few years ago my dad decided that he wanted to grow a pecan orchard. He ordered twelve trees and planted ten in an empty field beside our house and two in the front yard. Our front yard is more sandy then the side; this may or may not have had an affect on how they grew. Every time I think about this I laugh, because it has been about six years and none of the trees have grown, in fact I am pretty sure most of them are dead.

While it was all more than likely caused by my father’s lack of a green thumb, I think it is interesting that even though he planted the trees in two different types of soil, neither grew. I also blame my father for the majority of the dead trees, because a man down the road has about twenty trees that he grew himself and they are flourishing (just ask his daughters who are stuck picking up pecans every year). Also my grandfather, who lives right next door, has quite a few trees of the pecan variety (they are very old trees, but that proves even more that pecan trees can grow where I live). 

The main reason I brought up my cousin, was that he kept joking about taking some of our pine tree seeds (first we had to figure out what the seeds of pine trees are….do you plant the needle?…we never did find out) and planting them in Missouri. There is sure to be different types of soil in the two states, so even if he was able to take a seed, he probably would not be able to make it grow. 

I bring all of this up because I think it is interesting that different soils allow different plants to grow. I mean, I obviously realize that the desert is not going to being able to grow the same plants that are grown in the tundra. But, the midwest and the east do not appear to be that different (or at least I can’t tell a difference).

I feel as though I just rambled on and on about a fairly simple idea, that soils are amazing in the way that they allow for plant diversity across the planet.

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  1. Luke says:

    I believe that the seeds are within the pine cone of pine trees. I am pretty sure I remember hearing that heat allows for the seeds to be released. That is why with every death there is a new beginning. After a forest fire, there is new growth and could be due to the fact that seeds need something, a mechanism if you will, to release the seeds onto the soil.

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