CSA otherwise known as Community Supported Agriculture

I am not sure if anyone has written anything on CSA’s yet but I am going to go out on a limb and take a stab at it.  CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  In my last blog I wrote something on vertical farming, and although a very positive idea with the help of technology, many did not like it due to the complexity of the idea, or the fact that we shouldn’t have to rely on something like that.  So, in recognition of those comments I have decided to give somewhat of an alternative when speaking of CSA’s.  

        Many CSA’s are on privately owned land and are worked by the people who own the land and other full-time employees.  These owners tend to care for the plants in a way that creates organically grown produce.  Those of the general public that have boughten into the CSA, or purchased a plot of land, are given a certain amount of the produce of their choice, or generally what is in season at the time.  Other forms of CSA’s could incorporate labor on the farm with the help of those who pay for the plot.  They could trade labor hours for money for the plot of land.  

     Not only do CSA’s create a sense of working together to achieve a common goal but also provide jobs for few day laborers, and produce healthy, organic food  that is local and saves on fuel for delivery.  Many people are involved in CSA’s.  For one, Dr. Braswell in the Environmental Science Department owns a plot of land.  But, seeing as they are few in numbers, many who want a plot of land, can not buy into it unless it is available.  For the Charlotte area, there are three CSA’s that are provided for the general public.  Poplar Ridge Farm, New Towne Farm, and New Moon Farm are the three mentioned on the Charlottelocalfood.com Website.  CSA’s urge people to treat the land properly while establishing community bonding and therefore are a good idea for all areas of the world.  Not only is firsthand gardening a great experience, but creates a hands on activity for society to enjoy and get educated with.

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