Using Our Waste to Save the World

Saving the soil one school at a time. No, this is not a tongue twister. It is actually an issue that has recently arose in my life, a project that I have decided to  take on, composting. Here at school we go through 150-350 pounds of food waste each day, and that is just what we decided to scrape off our plates the other week when the cafeteria was measuring our waste. My friend Katie and I were sitting in the lunch room that Friday wondering what the purpose of them weighing our waste was, did they just want us to see what a negative impact we were having without giving any solutions on how to solve it? This was mostly due to the fact that I hated having to scrape my plate off, I felt it was very inconvienient. Our thoughts led us to wonder why they were just bagging up our waste instead of letting it compost naturally. At least this way our waste would not be stuck in a plastic bag for the next however many years. We decided then and there that Queens University of Charlotte needed to invest in composting. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. 

So what was that long rant all about? Well, organic compost is great for soil. My grandparents used to put all of their food scraps in a compost pile,and they would have great results in their gardens. I remember as a kid I used to think it was disgusting that they would use food to help their plants grow, but here I am trying to duplicate this process on a larger scale. As I am sure you all know the soil around campus is not the best, maybe you recall Dr. Pillar making fun of the “Walker Wetlands”. Either way, this would be a great investment for our school. Not only could the compost be used for landscaping purposes, but it could be sold to organic farmers. The main reason I became interested in composting is that I am not a big fan of plastic or landfills, but during research I realized the benefits that composting can have for soil.

I have always found the “Circle of Life” idea to be amazing. I love how everything can come full circle, especially when it comes to growing crops. If we can use our food to make compost to be entered into the ground to make even more crops, then we may be able to help save our soil for a little bit longer. We all know what a negative impact humans have on the soil, so any opportunity that comes our way to reverse, or improve, our effects on the world should not be taken seriously. I hope to one day see Queens take on this idea of not only reducing the amount of waste we send to landfills, but of the amount of waste we are able to recycle back into the soil

This blog has been more of a rant than an informational summary, but it is what I am currently interested in. I realize the positive affects on soil are not as detailed as they could be, but I am still learning. I hope that this has sparked an interest in all of you, and that you have gained some knowledge.

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2 Responses to Using Our Waste to Save the World

  1. cdw526 says:

    Wow I was wondering why that strange man was yelling at me to clean my plate off! I really like this idea. We should definitely make this happen here! Great idea!

  2. Luke says:

    I enjoyed reading and also finding someone that shares the same passion for creating rich soil by composting our waste. When it comes down to it though, Queens does not want to take the time nor the money to invest in the idea. I have talked with many people about the issue already and they seem to overlook it due to the fact that we would have no where to keep it, and investing in a composting barrel can be expensive. If you keep pushing the issue I think we could eventually convince them to invest in it. Have some solutions for where we designate an area for composting, also lay out the benefits of doing something this big. I think they will find it to be more beneficial than anything, they just need someone to be proactive on the issue and push for it to go through.

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