Soil…in general

It is really amazing bout how much information there really is about soil! Everyday I learn something I never knew before. Seeing how I have been writing about on-line articles for the past posts, I thought I would write about the things we have learned about thus far in class. This decision was also based on how Dr. Pillar was looking at me when he said that we need to stop summarizing websites. And seeing how were going to have a quiz tomorrow I thought it would be a good idea to write down the information to memorize the information better.

The second day of class we wrote down a list of things soil is used for it seemed amazing to me that there are so many things that soil give us. Growing crops is one of the obvious things that functions of soil but eating the soil is far from obvious. Soil is known for filtration/buffering, cycling nutrients, and provides support for building. Just like the leaning tower of Pisa, the soil that the tower was built on has a certain amount of clay that caused the tower to lean a certain direction. Luckly they fixed the soil to stop the tower from falling and provides world-known tourist destination.

The layers can be very conplex, most soils have the layers named A, B, C, R. Layer A is the layer that has the most organic matter and is closest to the surface. Layer B is known for the site of Illuviation where the minerals and any matter has been leached into the layer. Layer C is the layer that resembles the parent material which is the deepest layer, R, or the bedrock. 

I cannot wait to learn more information about the class, it seems very interesting and many things that you will never learn anywhere else. Just like Franklin Roosevelt said, “The Nation that destroys it’s soil destroys itself.” Like I said in my first post, it all begins with education. Once people know the destructive things they are doing and how they prevent things, our world will be a better and healthier place. This post may have been a little random and I skipped around different subjects but I just wanted to touch on the ideas that I though were most important to me throughout the class.

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