Soil and Life

I was just talking to some friends and I was telling them I had to go do my soil homework. They, of course, laughed at me and asked why? I explained to them they shouldn’t laugh because without soil we would all day. Again, they just laughed. I continued to go on that soil is our ultimate source of food and life. Without it how would we get food to keep us alive? I also explained to them soil is so much more complex then they could ever understand. I told them in a handful of soil there are billions and billions of micro-organisms. Also, the formation of soil is a long process made up of sand, silt, clay and decompose organic matter. Back to telling my friends that they are wrong for laughing at me about my homework, I also told them soil helps to support rooted plant life they produce the oxygen we breathe. It helps to regulate the water we drink because its porous and absorbs harmful chemicals that can hurt our bodies and other organisms. Soil also stores and cycles nutrients. So really, my friends were silly to have laughed at my interest in soil.

Back to how soil formation is a complicated process. Soil can take many, many years to form because there are many ways it can be formed. First, it can be made through the rock cycle. There are three types of rocks: igneous, metamorphic, and sedimentary. Next, climate is a major contributor to soil formation. When the weather is warmer, weathering is faster. Like wise, if it’s colder, the weathering is slower. Also, with more precipitation, there is more weathering.

I also recently found out what agronomy is: it’s the branch of agricultural science that deals with the study of crops and the soils in which they grow. Agronomists work to develop methods that will improve the use of soil and increase the production of food and fiber crops. So like how we would all die without soil, we would probably die if there weren’t agronomists constantly studying our soil and helping us to learn about potantial problems and how to combat them.

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