Just some soil thoughts

This week in class Doctor Pillar said that we don’t have to find articles and other things to write about, that we don’t have to find something new and interesting that no one have heard about before, and write a summary about that. Therefore I have decided to try to write 500 words about my soil thoughts that just pops up in my mind right now as I’m sitting here in front of my computer. 

What have we done this week? This monday we talked about the soil horizons. Doctor Pillar told us about how many detailed information one can get from looking at a these letters that are deciding the soil horizons and their characteristics. First we have the six big letters: O,A,E,B,C,R that represent the six soil horizons. All the layers do not always exist in a soil and A, B and C are the most common horizons. O (the organic horizon) can be found in soil from wetland and forest, and E do only exist where extreme elluviation exists (has a white color). We also talked about four types of soil formation processes: Additions (adds into the soil), Losses (moves down or up into the air), Transformations (change of soil structure) and Translocations (moves from one horizon to another). We also have to learn all the different subscripts; small letters that describe characteristics for the different soil horizons. They describe such things as if the soil is gleyed, frozen etc, and how it can contain substances as sesquioxides, calcium carbonate etc. 

On tuesday we had lab. We made dirt-cake to visualize how the different soil horizons differed in color (and taste)!

Wednesday. We were in the lab to make so called “Winogradsky columns”. A Winogradsky column is basically a see-through container filled with mud, water and other material. The column is a self-contained recycling system powered only by light. The purpose of the column is to to make an environment where microbes can grow and live. The column is going to contain several microbial communities. 

This friday we discussed the Soil Forming Factors. The rock cycle contains three types of rocks: Igneous rock (made from vulcanic liquid), Metamorphic rock (made from pressure and heat) and Sedimentary rock (formed from weathered igneous and/or metamorphic rock). We talked about how rocks and minerals (parent material) can be transported through water, gravity, ice and wind. 

This was just a little summary of what we did this week. I think it was good for me to re-read my notes from this week and it will probably make me remember them better. I must say that having a class four times a week about merely Soil has made me start thinking to much. It is like doing a project about soil, where you learn everything about the subject. But when you do a project you do it in like a week, but here we are going to learn about soil for a whole semester. I am just wondering, are we going to become some kind of soil professionals?? It would be cool I guess, to call our selfs “soil pro’s”. Im excited!

This was my weeks 500 words, Thanks. (Im sorry for such a bad post btw)

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