Chemically modified corn??? What??

So as I was commenting on another post, I noticed a hyperlink directing readers to related blogs and websites. One link led to a blog entitled Slashfood with posts regarding the global food crisis. I was hoping this site would provide more insight into the correlation between soil and the food crisis.

As I browsed the posts, I was amused by stories of Obama Foodorama, the site devoted to the “daily diary of the Obama foodscape, one byte at a time,” complete with pictures of President Obama-shaped Chicago style pizzas celebrating his inauguration. Scrolling further down the page, one headline read “Oprah’s twenty-one day cleansing diet leaves her ‘awakened.'” Apparently three weeks of veganism has the power to enlighten a television talk show host on the effects of the global food crisis. Although highly entertaining, I was beginning to wonder how this blog had anything to do with soil or the environment (outside of Oprah’s newfound ‘awareness,’ of course). Just then, I noticed the next title which read “Central America turns to genetically modified crops.”

Apparently as the global food crisis worsens, Central American countries, most notably Honduras, are opting to lift the ban prohibiting Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs. GMOs allow for a greater crop yeild even in overused and malnourished soil environments. The GMO craze has quickly spread to Africa, where Egypt recently approved the growth and use of genetically modified corn, and also to China, whose government just voted in favor to raise funds for the research of GMOs. I suppose we can add GMOs to the perpetually growing list of quick-fix temporary solutions to the impending food shortage. Yes, more corn now sounds great (and mmmmm… doesn’t genetically modified corn just sound sooo appetizing…… uh, not), but what happens when these biotechnical crops contaminate the already depleting soil supply? And let’s not forget the inevitable chemical reaction in the plants themselves that will undoubtedly damage the natural biological composition of the vegetation. The genetic modification process occurs by injecting new genes found in other species into the crops, in essence creating an entirely new species of plant. I don’t understand how anyone with a brain would consider this a feasible solution to such an intense and long term problem as the global food crisis. And once again, these ‘experts’ are not conciously thinking of all the repercussions on the soil needed to sustain life as a whole. Maybe we need to begin by conquering the soil deprivation issues before we begin pumping our food full of unnatural chemicals.

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One Response to Chemically modified corn??? What??

  1. alexmckinzie says:

    I liked the way you wrote this and found it very interseting. I have to agree with you on the part about “pumping our food full of unnatural chemicals,” but you have to think on the larger picture as well. A lot of things Americans eat these days are potentially dangerous to our health and conain many chemicals. With this corn, it can feed hundreds to millions of hungry people with less care and labor towards the plant.

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