Soil and Food

In my core class we recently just read an article call “Farmer in Chief.” Basically this guy named Michael Pollan wrote a lengthly article to the upcoming president about the problems with our food industry. After reading it and being in this class for a week, I noticed he didn’t include anything about the importance of soil. He did touch on how soil is being overused, but he didn’t include that if we don’t take better care of our soil their won’t be a food source-or any problems with it.
Before I read about Mesopotamia and Easter Island, I never would have thought entire civilizations could have depended so much on soil. How often do you think about soil as you’re walking across it as you go to class? Almost never right? The only time I thought about it was when it was stuck under my nails making my manicure look gross. But I now see it in a completely different light.

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One Response to Soil and Food

  1. cdw526 says:

    I don’t know whether the fact that the experts think about the soil as just as much as we do (next to never) makes me feel less dumb for not previously understanding its importance, or if it worries me more that the people we trust to fix the food crisis don’t acknowledge the importance of one of our most necessary and endangered resources.

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