Soil Sustain Life

Soil.. I must admit that I have never though much about soil.

Soil is just there, something we walk on, maybe play in, and that people use for planting. I have always though of soil as something dirty. People and animal have died and being buried in soil, I guess it feels like something dirty because there is so much going on in the soil, so many organisms and bacteria’s, and maybe mainly because you can get dirty (but that is of course not soil that gets on your hands and clothes, that’s dirt: misplaced soil). What I’m trying to say is that me, and I think most people, haven’t thought about or been interested about what soil really means to us living creatures.

Soil is actually a very clean medium. Nearly all antibiotics used to fight our infections are obtained from soil organisms. It is the soil that convert the “dirty” into the “clean”.

I found this video on you tube called “Soil sustain life”.

I thought that this video was really good. In the video at 6:12 minutes in, a woman claims that people all over the world has in some way lost their ability to appreciate the soil. “We walk on it, and we don’t even think about it, we just consider it d—.” She thinks that the problem to it is that we do not talk about soil in school. I totally agree. When I chose this class I didn’t know what expectations I should have had (to be honest it didn’t sound like the most fun class to me) and when telling people I was taking a class about soil science this spring most of them just looked at me and laughed. Soil science is something that I think (agreeing with the video) can and should be something used in all types of classes. There is so much we can learn from soil that I have no clue about right now. I hope to learn more during the semester and tell people how cool soil really is! 

People is starting to care less and less about our soil. In history the soil has always been very important for us humans. We have been dependent on our soil. Ages ago people revered the soil; it builded homes, gave them food and much much more.  Agriculture is decreasing every day. No one wants to work as a farmer anymore. The main problem is probably the money, and the problem about being a farmer in our urbanized world; there is just not a high status having that as a job. This need to change, but I don’t know how. Does anyone have an idea of how to make more people interested in agriculture?


The more we know about soil, the better we can help it thrive!

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One Response to Soil Sustain Life

  1. Wow- most of our antibiotics come from soil organisms?

    One of the arguments that is made about the destruction of the rainforest is that the high biodiversity lends itself to possible discovery of new medicines or other uses for the various life that is becoming extinct. I guess that we can find benefits from the organisms under our feet! I’d like to find out what kind of soils that these bacteria live in and maybe share my findings in my next post!

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