Reasons for Unhealthy Soil

I own a book on organic gardening and it has tons of useful information on growing various food items organically.  When I looked up soil in the book I found a load of helpful tools.  Such things like using chemical fertilizers can often kill the very microorganisms that are responsible for the soils natural fertility.  Also if you are wondering why the soil is out of balance, much of it could have been disrupted and misplace during construction of your home.  Things like walking and driving on the soil can compact it and harm its structure, allowing for no room for the soil to breath.  The soil may just be unfit for gardening due to its natural characteristics, meaning it is too sandy to hold water or too acidic to maintain natural healthy plant growth.  Lastly, past uses of the soil are fairly unknown, so over cropping may have led to the depletion of many vital components for healthy soil.  The book continues by talking of the components of a healthy soil system by saying ” A healthy soil is full of living things: plant roots, animals, insects, bacteria, fungi, and other organisms.  Managing your soils to keep this living system thriving can make the difference between gardening success and failure.  I find by reading this, that maintaining a natural healthy soil system can be a difficult task if it has been mismanaged in the past or if the person using the soil is inexperience with proper soil treatment.  If people looked at soil as a living thing with needs like any other living thing the care and management of soil could be better.  Soil needs to breath, drink, and be able to hold and cycle nutrients accordingly. If this is undertaken as a serious resource, there could be a chance.  The struggle comes with the urge for any one person to take the time to properly treat the soil.  Once soil has been damaged it takes time , if not more time to reclaim it than it took time to damage it.  People must do there part to respect what has allowed the human population to prosper.  With just a little common respect for life at all, any one person could see how much they depend on soil and could possibly do the right thing in treating it properly.   Anyways, if anyone is interested in organic gardening then the title of the book that I obtained my information from is: “Rodales All-New Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening: The Indispensable Resource for Every Gardener.”

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2 Responses to Reasons for Unhealthy Soil

  1. ccaammii says:

    ” If people looked at soil as a living thing with needs like any other living thing the care and management of soil could be better. ” I agree!! What we need to do is to get more educated. I think that people in our world need to not only know that soil is what we walk on, it is so much more. The easiest way to make people aware of the importance of soil is to teach it out in school, or by simply be more out in the nature. Getting to know mother nature. This will give us the understanding we need. Our urbanized world take away our relationship we have with nature. Nature should be our friend, right?

  2. alexmckinzie says:

    Coming into this class, or environmental science class, I knew nothing about how soil is sopposed to be treated or how it even “works.” Never in school have I ever learned anything about soil, but now that I have learned just one week about soil, you continue to be completely amazed about how imortant it really is to our earth.

    It all starts with what people know and how that learn from their errors. But today it’s apparent that humans are very ignorant about our earth. I read in our reading that humans and destroyed a portion of our earth as big as Canada and U.S. combined! Somethings just need to change. We can live our lives while being a true steward, we just need to educate!

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